Employer services

When you simply want exactly the right person

We make recruitment easy for you with an 8-Point Plan

  1. You simply want exactly the right person.
  2. You need them now, but you will wait for as-long-as-it-takes to find them.
  3. There is profile in mind of the right person for your business
  4. You tell us.
  5. We bust a gut and work our cotton socks off in order to introduce you to an amazing candidate.
  6. One CV that is 100% exactly the right fit.
  7. You interview them.
  8. You hire them.

That’s how we roll!

Our way really will save you time and save you the hassle, which will massively increase your efficiency.

If we fall below our high standard and submit more than one CV to fill your vacancy, we will reduce our fee by 1 point per CV.

That’s our money back guarantee!

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