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The future of recruitment

In the future organisations will recruit for a mindset and not a skill-set. Optimism is the only free propulsion, which means there will always be a place for the human in a world ever moving towards autonomous activities, robotics and artificial intelligence. To stay at the top companies will need a cross section of experience and youth to be ready for the new digital age. Technology and automation will increase productivity to a point of there not being enough workers, which means business leaders need to get millennials and Generation Z employees to believe in a purpose that is bigger than money and growth to keep that demographic engaged and motivated. The tasks of many Jobs are changing at an unprecedented pace but not the actual job. In the future a company will have a technology solution, a shared service centre, and an alliance partner to deliver its offering and if a company has not already, it now needs a global mindset. In the future, there will be a contingent workforce. Now is the time to Reinvent recruitment because the fastest growing workforce is temporary employment, which has grown 50% year on year. Millennials want to work on tasks and have flexibility. Technologies are going to be so ubiquitous in way we work, and automation will save time and in doing so increase the scarcity of workers in areas that..

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