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How to sell yourself…

Selling yourself in an interview is exactly the same process that a traditional salesperson goes through to sell anything from cars, property to double glazing, and it is really simple. Think of a time when you have brought something relatively large. Let’s say a car for example. First of all the sales representative that sold the car to you would have met your expectation of what a reputable person would look like .i.e. Smart attire, polished shoes, groomed etc. Then they would start to build some rapport, and in turn seemed to like you, so you would have liked them that little bit more. Almost certainly they will take the time to identify your needs ASAP. Colour, doors, engine, fuel, and find out why you are looking now. Once armed with all this information you have provided, they like the prosecution in a court of law will use the evidence against you and match your needs to their product.i.e. “Here is a VW Golf. It has X doors, with Y fuel, and in Z colour just like you said you wanted.” Then the test drive, which is very similar to the interview, at the end the salesperson asks “how did you find the drive?” WHICH IS THE CLOSE!! You may respond “it’s alright” or “it’s got a nice bit of oomph” which is the same as a client saying he/she..

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How to create a…

I am often asked to critique a CV or asked; “how do I best to create a good one?” My response is always the same that is to start with the end in mind, which is the job you want. You have got to give the recruiter/hiring manager what they want, which is a CV that clearly describes the skills, qualifications and experience they need. Let me explain. The most common mistake candidates make is to create a CV that either list as many skills and experiences as they can think of, in the hope that something will be of interest to someone, which in fact only muddies the water. Or the other common mistake candidates make is to create a CV that is focused on their current job, which is fine if you are looking for a very similar job to your current position in just say another location. If however you are looking for an upwards step or move into a totally new industry or have very little experience like a recent grad, you will need to spend a little more time thinking about how you can best present yourself as your CV is a “sales document” (a document used to sell the features, advantages and benefits of a said item, which in this case is you), and if you are not giving people what they need, your..

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