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Forensic Technology

Specialist Solutions UK are the best in the business and market leaders in Forensic Technology recruitment.

Artificial intelligence & Robotics

We are regularly asked to find people for Artificial Intelligence jobs from Software Engineer and Java Developers to Research Associates and Computer Scientist.

Modelling & Simulation

Specialist Solutions UK Modelling & Simulation has a range of jobs available that are in Research, Software, Hardware, RF, and Power.
Data and mathematical modelling to Kinetic and 3D Polly Modelling. 2D flow simulations to simulation design for Aircraft Release Systems.

Electronics & Engineering

Specialist Solutions UK Electronics & Engineering Recruitment works with some of the most high profile clients in the world.

Information Technology

Specialist Solutions UK IT Specialist recruiters are at your service and have built a reputation for quality from over 10 years of recruitment excellence.

Interview advice

How to create a killer CV

I am often asked to critique a CV or asked; “how do I best to create a good one?” My response is always the same that is to start with..

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Interview advice

How to sell yourself at interview

Selling yourself in an interview is exactly the same process that a traditional salesperson goes through to sell anything from cars, property to double glazing, and it is really simple...

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Recruitment advice

The future of recruitment

In the future organisations will recruit for a mindset and not a skill-set. Optimism is the only free propulsion, which means there will always be a place for the human..

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